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Eureka Pigeon Race Mix

Eureka Pigeon Race Mix is a grain and pea based feed blend fortied with vegetable oil and sunower seeds for feeding to adult racing pigeons in conjunction with shell grit.
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Layer Pellets

Goldfields Layer Pellets

Goldelds Layer Pellets are specically designed for the domestic laying hen with high nutritional demands. Goldelds Layer Pellets contains Rice Bran which is high in Omega 6 and 9 which can aid in improved egg size and nutritional value.
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Layer Pellets

Goldfields Poultry Layer Mix

This is a complete feed made up of natural grains, seeds & pellets that has been specically formulated for laying hens.
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Layer Pellets

Goldfields Grain Scratch Mix

This is a supplementary feed made up of natural grains & seeds for laying hens & other poultry in the home ock.
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Layer Pellets

  • Whole Triticarle – 20kg Bag
  • Whole Sorghum – 20kg Bag
  • Grey Sunflower Seeds – 20kg Bag
  • Whole Peas – 20kg Bag
  • Cracked Peas – 20kg Bag
  • Safflower – 20kg Bag
  • White French Millet – 20kg Bag
  • Japanese Millet – 20kg Bag
  • Panorama – 20kg Bag
  • Canary – 20kg Bag
  • Linseed – 20kg Bag
  • Hulled Oats – 20kg Bag
  • Pigeon Racing Mix – 20kg Bag