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Horse Feed Pellets

horse feeds pellets

Eureka Cool Performance – 20kg

Eureka Performance Pellet is a cool conditioning pellet designed to condition horses of all categories without the attributed “fizz” from grain feeding. Eureka Performance Pellet contains bioplex chelated minerals as well as a full compliment of vitamins. Eureka Performance Pellet in nutritionally balance to meet the demands of most equestrian activities.
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Lucerne Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellet – 20kg

Southern Cross Feeds lucerne pellets is a high quality blend of lucerne meal and cereal grains. The “greenness” of Southern Cross Feeds Lucerne Pellet’s can easily be compared with others on the market which visibly do not contain as much lucerne.
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Rabbit Pellets

Goldfield Layer Pellets – 20kg

Goldfield Layer Pellets are specially designed for the domestic laying hen with high nutritional demands. Goldfields Layer Pellets contains Rice Bran which is high in Omega 6 and 9
which can aid in improved egg size and nutritional value.
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Layer Pellets